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This article will detail the Reggie Bush workout that was used to help Reggie overcome his injuries and return to electrifying form. When Reggie was at the University of Southern California he was the best player in the country in 2005 and earned the Heisman trophy. Despite looking like he was built from steel and already being in phenomenal shape, there was some concern that he lacked the size to cut it with the pros. Regardless of the doubt he was labeled a ‘franchise player’. How did the Reggie Bush workout program change in the pros?

The follow up second season to his amazing first season in which he led the New Orleans Saints to within one game of the super bowl was not something to write home about. Troubled by a posterior cruciate ligament knee injury for most of 2007, he was unable to play up to his potential and his team struggled also. Reggie needed a new game plan. So he went to the weight room with vengeance to lift some serious iron and build up his body. Included in the Reggie Bush workout are some very unique approaches such as prehab exercises and something called Fre Flo Do, which is a totally crazy workout.

Compound movements done explosively are the foundation of the Reggie Bush workout. The big movements are all there with leg press, over head press, bench press, rows and chin ups. But the inclusion of a unique method called prehab is what is responsible for priming the body for the upcoming explosive workouts. Prehab in the Reggie Bush workout includes using resistance bands and performing rows, presses and work for the rear shoulders. The rear shoulders are often susceptible to injury for football players.

A crazy part of the Reggie Bush workout is called Fre Flo Do. Invented by fitness instructor Kappel LeRoy Clarke, it takes eastern philosophy of flowing with nature and combines it with physical activity. It aims to emulate the dynamic nature of football, reinforcing split decision making skills and being quick on your feet. A core component of Fre Flo Do and the Reggie Bush workout is the launch pad, which is a conveyor belt contraption that allows the athlete to run unrestricted.

Part of the unique training methods of the Reggie Bush workout is using the launch pad with drills and reaction tasks. Fre Flo Do emphasizes keeping the weight on the balls of your feet where your reaction can be quicker and you are faster to react. Drills can include catching a ball, jumping over objects and even jumping over the trainer.

The above article gives you some insight into the Reggie Bush workout. This workout definitely has some interesting things going for it, but is it going to work for everyone? I think there are better workouts for the masses and non-professional athletes. Lots of new innovative ways to efficiently train and diet have been found lately. From smarter resistance training, to intense cardio and manipulating feeding times with diet this could be a more suitable approach for everyone.


Adrian Peterson workoutThis article will cover the Adrian Peterson workout that allowed this Minnesota Vikings running back to be such an offensive threat. Known for his superhuman like abilities and his league leading rushes in a game, Peterson acknowledges that preparation happens off the field and credits the Adrian Peterson workout. The following paragraphs will detail the workout.

For the off season lifting weights 2-3 times a week is part of the Adrian Peterson workout. This is to permit adequate time for conditioning training. A split of upper and lower body is performed. Off season will see a five day a week lifting schedule. Upper body gets hit on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. A strong emphasis on pull ups, rows and presses with both barbell and dumbbell. Rep range is between six and ten. Conditioning is done with real running outside as Adrian feels more of a sweat and workout with this then on a treadmill or exercise bike.

Leg training has a major emphasis in the Adrian Peterson workout. The legs are hammered on Tuesday and Thursday with higher reps done on some exercises. Adrian is a big advocate of hitting every muscle from the calves to the hamstrings and quads. Single squats, lunges and full squats are all part of the program which also includes hip abduction, curls and leg extensions. Maxing out in college Adrian reportedly squatted 540 lbs. But now the focus is on more reps with a weight around 315 pounds. A great workout is still done with the higher reps and lighter weight. Decreasing reps are done during the three sets.

The Adrian Peterson workout has always consisted of a strong work ethic. His hard work on conditioning has led him to be called ‘a robot’. Adrian has no doubt much of his success is due to his investment in conditioning and strength training. During university days an Adrian Peterson workout was a little more old school. Adrian could be seen pulling sleds up hills and doing heavy weighted box jumps with 80 pounds. He combined this with resistance training and sandbag work. He worked very hard with hill runs that were done forward and backwards for long time periods.

Being explosive is a big part of the Adrian Peterson workout. He loves to run sprints length Adrian Peterson workoutways across the field. First done at the University of Oklahoma, these are done for triples which is over, back and over again for a total of 150 yards. Four of there are done after practice and team mates are following suit and joining in on this drill in the Adrian Peterson workout.

There is no doubt the Adrian Peterson workout yields great results for Adrian. The problem with professional athletes training programs is they can be very time consuming and are not realistic, unless you happen to be a professional athlete. I feel it is possible to get great results from a more efficient training approach. This way it can be more realistic to fit into a normal lifestyle and not one of just a professional athlete.